Our Vision

Pursuing the excellence through dedication, experienced and disciplined employees with an ongoing passion to deliver quality, timely and profitable projects.

Our Mission

To trade with quality suppliers of HVAC & Electromechanical, Oil & Gas and Industrial Insulation products at fair and competitive prices; without compromising the quality.

Our Values

We review every decision and measure the outcome based on how well it serves our customers.

Our Strategy

To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationship with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers.

Our Strength

We are committed to the quality of products, maintaining the spec by selecting the best reliable choice and an extremely efficient sales service to our client with an extensive range of products to satisfy their total projects requirements with competitive service.

What makes Getco one of the Middle East's Leading Supplier in the Industry

Global Energy Trading Company (GETCO) is specialized in the supply of Electro-Mechanical, HVAC, Oil & Gas equipment and its accessories, and industrial insulation products having representation from internationally reputed manufacturers.

Why choose Getco?

The company represents reputed manufacturers spread around world, especially from United States, Canada, Europe and Asia in the field of Electro-Mechanical & Ventilation Equipment, HVAC accessories, Duct accessories, Industrial Insulation, Metal jacketing, Industrial Valves, Blast protection Valves, Chemical Filters, and other specialized Industrial Products meant for Electro-Mechanical Projects and special applications to provide quality product and services to major projects and clients in the kingdom and other GCC countries.

  • Ventilation Systems & HVAC Products
  • Air Distribution Products

  • Air Control Products

  • Commercial and Industrial Insulations and Accessories

  • Specialty Building Products

Operational Excellence

The company has the expertise and the ability to supply all Electro-Mechanical needs for major projects. The engineering and support staff of our division brings you a broad base of scientific and technical knowledge to draw on, coupled with years of practical experience in the Electro-Mechanical and building material applications.