Commercial & Industrial Fans

Designed around customers ‘needs by providing the best available technology.

Coolair provide a comprehensive range of commercial and industrial fans directly from stock, as well as larger standard and specialist products ranging from UL/ATEX/Division Classification Explosion Proof Fans.

Inertial Filter & Bleed Fans

   FTI provides a wide range of air pre-filtration equipment's, also called Inertial Separators, that are self-cleaning wherein as the sands & other dust particles separated from the flow in accordance with Inertial phenomenon, are collected in a suitable duct and ejected continuously by a bleed fan.

Chemical Filtration Systems

A definite Solution to all your air quality problems. Circul-Aire offers premium quality chemical filtration systems. It can neutralize even ultra-low concentration of gaseous contaminants. Our technology efficiently and effectively removes contaminants from air supply stream, comprising of gases, odor elements or volatile organic compounds.

Humidification System

Humidification is the artificial regulation of humidity in environments. When the atmosphere becomes too dry, moisture is drawn from surrounding materials within the environment such as furniture, paper, textiles, fruit, animals and even people. Low relative humidity is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be damaging to equipment and materials. It also causes static electricity to generate which in turn produces unpleasant effects in many cases. Armstrong humidification systems solve these problems efficiently and reliably and have low maintenance and operating costs.

Dehumidification System

Bry-Air manufactures and services desiccant dehumidification systems. These systems are designed to remove moisture from the air to control humidity in residential, commercial buildings and industrial processes.

Emergency Vehicle Exhaust & Duct Collection System

Monoxivent specializes in source capture systems and products, especially vehicle and fume exhaust solutions. The vehicle exhaust removal systems capture exhaust fumes from all types of vehicles, including both gas engines and diesel engines. Vehicle exhaust systems remove harmful fumes to ensure optimal air quality in maintenance and repair facilities for automobiles, trucks, and heavy equipment, as well as in firehouses. Available equipment includes overhead systems, underground exhaust systems, and portable exhaust removal systems. 

Odour Control Systems

 Bioaction are the provider of odor and corrosion control systems and maintenance services. The use of environmentally friendly systems for biological waste-gas treatment is constantly increasing. Harmful and odorous substances from waste-gas and exhaust-gas flows are decomposed to non-toxic, odorless, and largely low molecular weight substances, such as carbon dioxide and water. This is done biochemically by the metabolic activity of microorganisms.

Pressure & Temperature Gauges

Trerice are one of the leading manufacturers for gauging all kind of pressure & temperature parameters across different diverse applications, our manufacturing prowess covers a wide range of measuring instruments such as all kinds of Industrial Pressure & temperature gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Industrial pressure measuring Valves, Pressure & vacuum Testers.

Expansion Tanks & Air Separators

 Elbi of America, Inc. is an innovative manufacturing company who pioneer in manufacturing Expansion tanks, Air separators, Chemical dosing pots, Buffer tanks, thermal expansion absorbers, ASME hydronic heating expansion tanks, ASME well tanks and diaphragm pump tanks. ELBI has over forty years’ experience in tank manufacturing and a world-wide reputation for quality. ELBI offers a line of products which satisfy the taste and quality of all modern installations in water distribution, water storage, water heating and water treatment systems.

Electric Duct Heaters

Thermolec electric duct heaters are designed for use in all forced air residential, commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Their applications vary from a partial or auxiliary nature to being the major or principal heat source in a building. Thermolec electric duct heaters are custom computer designed to the most stringent CSA /UL standard to assure total safety.

Flexible Connectors, Expansion Joints & Spring Isolators

Proco Products are leading expansion joint manufacturers with an extensive inventory of expansion joints for piping and ducting systems. Their movement expansion joints are specially designed to have the ability to protect your equipment against a variety of stressors while also being low maintenance and durable for maximum efficiency.

Fire & Smoke Curtains

Smoke Control, fire & smoke curtains are certified to meet the latest global standards, including BS, AS & UL. This is to help ensure safe emergency evacuation of people from buildings across all types of construction. Smoke Control has a solution to comply with your existing fire strategy plans. Whether you require our standard automatic smoke or fire curtains, or the specialized ones.

Blast Protection Valves

SagiCofim blast protection valves are designed as safety devices capable of preventing any pressure wave due to sudden overpressure from entering air inlets and outlets. These valves are widely used in petrochemical, chemical industry & military projects whenever temporary and immediate protection is required downstream a closed environment and the nominal air flow cannot be discontinued for too long. SagiCofim Blast Protection Valves can ensure an effective protection of all HVAC plants installed in buildings located in potentially explosive area.

Chilled Water Valves

Red-White Valve Offers a Broad Range of Commercial Control Valves That Are Engineered for High Flow Rate. The construction of Red White Valve control valves makes them an easy choice for chilled water systems as their valves and actuators feature a corrosion resistant structure with protective coating to help protect the components from rust and corrosion.